Soccer World Cup History

Soccer World Cup


Fifa World Cup History


With the First tournament in 1930, FIFA has become an every 4 years watched competition by probably everyone in the world one time or the other, the ‘Fédération Internationale de Football Association’ initially agreed in 1928 to start up their one of a kind tournament. This became a reality two years later.

Also known as Soccer world Cup, this tournament rose to become the most widely viewed sports event in the world, even surpassing the Olympics in television audience.

The First event hosted in Uruguay on 18th July 1930 at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo with them taking the title after a 4-2 victory against Argentina, and had since been anticipated for by all sport lovers around the world. This event comes up once in every four years. The first two World Cup matches took place simultaneously and were won by France and the USA, and the first FIFA goal by France Lucien Laurent in front of over 90,000 energized fans.


The Soccer World Cup is way different from every other football tournament; there is a sort of Unity and togetherness when the whole world comes together in one accord to enjoy their favorite game. And in 1991, to create a kind of gender equity, FIFA created the Female world cup with kick off in People’s Republic of China and won by the United States.

However, before each tournament, there is a qualification round to pick out countries to participate; you don’t expect all the countries in the world to compete, do you? It won’t make much sense that way. For the first time, in 2010, this tournament was brought to Africa in South Africa precisely, and that made that year’s edition different from all others. For more information about the qualifications: World Cup Qualifying

The Soccer World Cup comes every four years various countries in the world. The last 25 years have seen the status of football enhanced to a leading game globally. It has reached into different branches of society, commerce & politics. FIFA now has some 208 member associations; this fact makes it one of the world’s biggest & most popular sports federations.

This tournament has grown from just football to something bigger. Each country chosen to host the event are given some privileges – like much influx of fans around the world. Countries tend to generate more revenue within this period; foreigners may decide to tour around, try new things there and they most definitely are in paid accommodation. Also, with the worldwide attention, the countries use this as a chance to showcase their culture and talent. Did I mention the amount of money used in developing the game location? The world cup doesn’t just have the popularity; it was deserved.









World Cup 2018 News

Dick Advocaat new national coach of Holland

Dick Advocaat new coach of The Netherlands Dick Advocaat was appointed as the new coach of the Dutch National team. The Dutch Football Bond (KNVB) anounced that earlier in may. He is the one to fullfill the difficult job of leading Holland to the World Cup 2018 in...

Jorge Sampaoli new coach Argentina

Jorge Sampaoli new coach Argentina Sampaoli was assigned as the new coach of the Argentina National Team for the World Cup 2018 Russia. He is succeeding Edgardo Bauza, who didn't manage to get the right results for his team. Sampaoli leaves his role as coach of...

World Cup 2018 will have Video Referees

World Cup 2018 in Russia will have Video Referees This will be the first World Cup ever using video referees, as FIFA anounced to the BBC a few weeks earlier. Multiple countries have tested this form of controlling the games, and until now all tests went extremely...