World Cup Qualifying

Luzhniki Stadium Moscow

In 2018, Moscow Will Be The Host Of The 21st FIFA World Cup Tournaments.

 Moscow is the capital of Russia, and was founded in the 12th century in 1147. It is currently home to a population of over 12 million people, ranging over 100 different nationalities. It is a bustling city full of heritage and history, and millions upon millions of people visit Moscow each year as tourists, students and returning visitors. Moscow is a true melting pot of culture. It is also the center of politics, economics, and science in both Russia as well as Eastern Europe. It is one of the world’s largest and most diverse cities. Much like the rest of Russia, Moscow experiences winters that are long and cold, with mild and comfortable summers. Moscow is home to the Tretyakov Gallery, a notable and famous art museum. It’s also the heart of performing arts in Russia, and filled to the brim with ballet, theatre and music. Moscow is well known for it’s breathtaking landmarks that speak volumes of both the cultural and historical heritage of Moscow and Russia as a whole.

 With Moscow’s size and all of the things to do and see, it’s a destination worth visiting. There is so much to take in, with an ever changing and growing population, as well as being a central hub for cultural, economic and historical growth. It seems only natural that Moscow will soon join the ranks of the other great cities to host the FIFA World Cup Tournament.

 The FIFA World cup, or more colloquially known as just the World Cup, is an international football – or, soccer, if you’re American – competition. Men’s senior football teams compete in a tournament that takes place every four years, which began in 1930. The current reigning champion is Germany, after having won in 2014 against Brazil. However, the four years is up and it’s time for a new champion to take on the title. Every four years, a new host city is chosen for the FIFA World Cup. In 2018, the 21st FIFA World Cup will begin in Moscow, Russia, and the qualifying senior men’s football teams will compete within the stunning city of Moscow.

 The FIFA World Cup Moscow will take place at the Moscow Luzhniki Stadium, which is located at the center of the one of the largest sports complexes in the entire world. Like much of the rest of Russian, the Luzhniki Stadium boasts beautiful and complex architecture, and it is nestled alongside the Moscow River, and sits just across from the Vorob’evy Hills Natural Park. The Luzhniki Stadium will be the main stadium for the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament, and will be used for the opening match, as well as both the semi-final and the final match. The games will take place between the 14th of June to the 15th of July in 2018, and will determine the champions for another four years. All the excitement and suspense will take place within one of the central cities of Eastern Europe, and will be another hallmark of historical significance for the grand city of Moscow.








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